• Steel, stainless steel, & aluminum welding
  • Small fabrication & machining jobs
  • Steel & aluminum hull fabrication
  • Advice & project management for boat construction
Hull for Aluminum Catamaran.  Bulkheads and
frames assembled & ready for plating
Aluminum Catamaran Hull Plated
Being turned over for assembly to bridge deck
Aluminum construction makes customization easy
Please note the multi-facetted wheel house and
Dashew ventilation comings going forward
Constructing a multi-StrongAL vessel.  Building a
multi-chine vessel with precut plates makes custom
boat building strong and affordable.
Metal Fabrication and Boat Construction
Blue Water Marine Service
Aluminum Catamaran.  Finished product--light, strong,
durable ready to cruise the world
Aluminum StrongAL construction of hull plates
StrongAL is more suitable for multichine vessel due to
its heavy hull plating
Aluminum skeg being fitted
Skeg designed for maximum protection of prop
and rudder in ice or shallow water
Aluminum keel construction
1/2" plating, 3/4" webbing makes this 9 ft keel strong.
2 1/2" rod hydraulic cylinder fitted with popit valves
will give way if boat runs aground but will hold the keel
should the boat ever capsize through.
Catamaran Bow Section.  4mm (3/16")
plating makes this a strong but lightweight
catamaran.  Not the fine entrance of the bows
Catamaran Stern Section with Bridge-deck.  Note the center
console that makes it very protected with perfect view of the entire
vessel while sailing or docking
StrongAL Boats Deserve Strong Deck Gear.  Freeman
hatch going into forward storage and generator
compartment.  Please note all hatches on the weather deck
are on combings to bring it up to commercial  standards