Launching Day
Leaving Newport, OR on trip north
After ~6000 hours of construction time and
numerous weeks of voyage preparation the
boat finally made its way out into the ocean.   

This vessel was especially designed for
maximum durability (5/8 and 1/2 inch aluminum
hull plating) at low weight.  With her hydraulic
lift keel, she is the perfect expedition vessel,
able to explore and anchor in shallow water.  
Hull shape and scantlings make her also a
perfect ice-going vessel.

With ~65,000 lbs cruising displacement, she is
not a big boat for her 65 foot length.  With
hydraulic assisted winches, she is easily
handled by two crew.   With a very sporty sail
to weight ratio, she also stuns most cruising
sailors with her outstanding performance. The
260hp 1013 Deutz Diesel  makes her
well-powered under all conditions.
StrongAL Expedition Vessel
Blue Water Marine Service
Relaxing in Port